Let’s see where did we leave off? Somewhere between last week and this week. If you don’t know I have a cookout playlist on Tidal and Apple Music check it out when you get a chance, seems like everyone else has. Leave a comment if you so desire.

Been looking forward this man’s work for months. Amir Obe released his new single entitled “Holy Shit”.

Holy Shit – Amir Obe

Since we are talking about Amir Obe, I don’t think he gets love like he deserves so I’m going to put out a old song he did from his Detrookyln mixtape.

Drugs & Cam’ron – Amir Obe

One of my favorite artist this year is playboi Carti, he decided to join forces with Chief Keef to make “Uh Uh”. Boy is this song FLAMES!!!

Uh Uh – Chief Keef Featuring Playboi Carti

Our favorite cousin, Cousin Stizz, released a quick EP while hanging out with Freddie Gibbs. The name of the EP is All Adds Up, only three tracks but creates the momentum you need if you want to release an album this year.

Way Up – Cousin Stizz

I listen to the Joe Budden Podcast every Wednesday and I had to go back a few episodes because Roy shared this song and it was amazing. Creates a good zone if your being athletic.

Immortal – Elley DuhĂ©

The newest signee to TDE goes by the name of Reason. He snaps on this song and I’m looking forward to more.

The Soul – Reason

Sucks having so many songs you want to share and not saving all in a good place. *tears*

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