Apple Music was released to the masses about three months ago and I decided to get on board. I usually use Spotify which i am still using right now, so I thought to myself which one am I going to stay with in the end.

First thing that is important to me is price. Spotify has a free option but you have to deal with ads every so often which can be bad when your in the middle of that workout and you need that extra push and in your ears you hear “Tired of the ads???” Apple Music does not have a free option, (BOO!!! Riley voice) but their payment is only ten dollars a month the same as Spotify Premium.

Functionality of both is pretty good but Apple has a few hiccups when it comes to working smooth and correctly with Itunes and the Iphone. The problems I have been having during the trial were duplicates and organization issues. This would happen often when downloading the music to your phone to avoid data usage. The downloading music feature really comes in handy. It is hard to tell which is ready for offline at times but once you figure it out you do feel accomplished. Spotify also has a download feature that helps avoid data usage. From what I have seen Apple music is a bit easier to use.

I will come out and say that Apple Radio is amazing and honestly pushes Apple music ahead a bit of Spotify. Beats one radio uses star power to their advantage. Example of this is when What A Time To Be Alive (WATTBA) was released on a Sunday, more than half of the United States tuned in. And the people that didn’t have Apple Music were pretty salty. Apple kept rights to the album for more than a week before sharing with Spotify.

Tallying up the score it is 2 to 1 with Spotify in the lead. Apple is working on their short comings I am sure and they are going to improve on their success also. One thing that peaks my attention is the exclusive albums they will have with OVO Radio. Views from the 6 most likely will be premiered on Appleā€¦

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