Confessions of TAU PT.10

Hello TAU here again with another confession. I have been slacking on this. I actually did a video but had problems putting it together. So as I write this it is August 18, 2016. I am still designing clothing with the hope of getting more sales and opinions. I have Read more…

Confessions Of TAU PT.5

On this confession I, TAU, will talk about one or two of my designs. So sometime soon we will release our Spring collection for 2016. There are about five or six shirts that will be for sale. As of right now we are considering doing a pre-order. First shirt is, Read more…

Royal Meetings Ep.1

We wanted to give a behind the scenes look at things within tauology. This show will be starred by Thomas Ussery since TAU doesn’t like showing his face. Enjoy the video and please look forward to more.


Nike, the name itself says a bookful. Nike is a synonym for athletes, hard work, championships, legends, and anything else that is sports related. But Nike did not start at that point. Nike started off as Blue Ribbon sports but later switched their name to Nike in 1971 due to Read more…

Perfect form

I don’t know who this guy is but both of these tracks are amazing and energetic. One is the original and the other is a remix. Who ever knows Cyril Hahn or Kaytranada tell them to keep it up.