In delving into local artist of Phoenix I ran into Delly Everyday. I was introduced to Delly’s music by friends and liked what I heard. In some artist you can hear passion and fire behind their lyrics, that is what I heard from Delly Everyday. Please enjoy the interview below of Phoenix, Arizona’s own Delly Everyday.

TAU: State your name and where your from

Delly Everyday: I go by the name of Delly Everyday, I was born and raised in Phoenix, Arizona

TAU: What is life like growing up in Phoenix? What High School did you go too?

DE: Growing up in Phoenix was cool living in South Phoenix made it challenging being in tough environments. I attended Cesar Chavez High School.

TAU: On Apple Music I only got a chance to listen to four of your songs do you a larger catalog on another platform?

DE: I recently started to release music on major platforms only as test to see how far my online reach is. I’m currently releasing a new song every day for the whole year on my Soundcloud though.

TAU: Your from a big city, Phoenix right? How you like it here?

DE: Yes Phoenix ! I love it no better place in my opinion. It’s a huge melting pot for different cultures so I can witness them being here. Its home.

TAU: You’re back and forth to California so it seems, what is you connections to California?

DE: Both of my main producers are from California so all my connections and ties are through those guys. Looking forward to building my own relationships in that state.

TAU: Has Phoenix been supportive of you? I hear some people talk about the Rap scene in Arizona say there is a lot of hating do you agree?

DE: Phoenix has showed me love and support it took awhile due to the fact we have a growing music scene but being here my whole life, I have watched the mistakes artist have made in the past and I do my best not to make the same ego driven mistakes and make the best quality music I can and let the market decide if they like it. I don’t see much hate though at all.

TAU: What influences your music career?

DE: My passion for the art as well as my mother who is the strongest person I know. Lastly just the process, the process of growing and getting better each year.

TAU: What is the story behind Everyday in your name?

DE: It’s a couple meanings for it… one meaning showing that I’m just an every day guy who does music that people who live normal lives can relate to. Also, just the work ethic and belief that doing something every day eventually you can master it.

TAU: Through email we talked about you being in a tournament, did you have to choose between basketball and music and how did you choose music?

DE: Haha I did have to choose between the two. I had a full ride scholarship to play basketball but as the season came around the coaching staff didn’t follow through with their promises. Which in turn made me go all in with music. I still play often in Pro-am tournaments with Nba players as well as Division 1 college players.

TAU: How was your childhood?

DE: My child hood was normal for the most part. My parents took very good care of me and my sister. Around the age of 15 is when things got really rough when my parents became addicted to drugs and I had to take care of myself since.

TAU: Who is your biggest supporter?

DE: My biggest supporter NOW would have to be my mom. Though at first, she didn’t believe in my music and wanted me to do the college route.

TAU: You really doing this song everyday challenge? how has the process been so far?

DE: Yeah, a record EVERY DAY for my name sake ha-ha. So far, it’s been pretty smooth. A ton of work though but I’ve never been a stranger to pushing my talents to the limit and testing myself. The point of it all is just to get better as an artist, I don’t want people to think I’m promising 365 of the best songs ever created.

TAU: Who have you planned to collaborate with locally and globally?

DE: As of now the only artist I want to Collab with is Smino from St. Louis

TAU: What can people get from listening to your music?

DE: They will get real positive messages, my personal truths and experiences.

TAU: What has been the most emotional song you have made to date?

DE: It would be this record called “Roots” basically a conversation with my family tree. Its 3 verses and each verse I speak to a different parent and the last verse is for my son written from my perspective of being a father to him. It gives me chills any time it comes on.

TAU: What besides music is a passion of yours that many don’t know?

DE: I love bowling. As a kid I had scholarships from winning tournaments but when I got to high school it was much cooler to play basketball, so I never became a professional bowler.

Check out more music from Delly Everyday and below are some of his songs on Apple Music.

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