Chris Crack

Some time in 2017, I ran into an artist named Chris Crack. Odd name I thought but you can’t judge an artist’s music by his name. The song I was introduced to was Rose Gold Cutlery. Chris has a distinguished voice and unique lines. After digging into a portion of his discography, I reached out for an interview and he made it happen. Here is the conversation that took place.

TAU: State your name and where your from

Chris Crack: My name is Chris Crackaveli aka Neal Riggers

TAU: What is the origin of your name

CC: my name comes from my big homies who said I “spit that crack” also bitches say I’m addictive 😜

TAU: First song I heard from you was rose gold cutlery then I jumped into your album “Just Gimmie A minute”. How did Just Gimmie A Minute come to be from coming off of Let’s Just Be Friends?

CC: JGAM (Just Gimmie A Minute) is actually a rather sad makeup of my whole ‘18 aka one of the worst years of my life. Let’s just be friends came about because there were a lot of old friends turned enemies hanging and it was me just saying fuck it let’s be cool.

TAU: You and another artist Tierra Whack did minute songs to make an album what is the benefit or why use this strategy on an album?

CC: one minute songs is gonna be the new wave because it’s changing the stream game. Y get paid a fraction of a cent for a 4 min song when u can get paid four times for four one minute songs.

TAU: You dropped four albums in 2018. What is the rush? Are you going for four albums in 2019 or more?

CC: I actually dropped 6 albums in 2018, catch up.

TAU: I peeped you had a song with Conway on Thanks Uncle Trill, what is your relationship with the growing in popularity Griselda?

CC: “None” (no relationship w/ them guys)

TAU: How do you create your strong song titles?

CC: Song titles are the first thing that come to mind when I hear the beat

TAU: You have a strong obsession with putting vine clips in your songs why?

CC: I like all skits from different depths of the internet. I wanted to be a comedian when I was a kid so that’s where the element of being funny comes from. Plus people are way too serious in life

TAU: I felt “Everything you imagine is real”. *Insert Lyrics*

CC: Yea all my raps real. They’ll most certainly get me in trouble later but idgaf, it’s my life.

TAU: How has your rap career been so far? Any surprises?

CC: just wait on it

TAU: On Fuck yo followers you said “it took you this long to figure shit out what were you referring too?

CC: I’m saying it took me 30 years to figure all this shit out. As in life itself. As in the industry being fake. About people not treating you how u treat them…

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