Virgina has been on a wave, from Michael Millions starting the year off with Hard To Be King to Nickelus F dropping Stuck Virginia has been making a name for itself and a buzz. I got a chance to sit down and talk with Radio B who released his album, Jesus Never Wore A Suit, in February of this year about his social media presence, his album, and his city.

TAU: How did this Questioning Jay-Z become a thing at this point?

Radio B: I really couldn’t tell you honestly. When Jay was at his most popular people used to question his lyricism then as well. I really think it’s because he introduced new ways to be lyrical, the way he would make his raps conversational, and slip the entendres in and the metaphors. He’s really sneaky about his pen, and that’s something i’ve picked up from him. Also i think it’s popular to talk down on what’s popular, so I think that’s where it comes from, but if you know you know. He’s the best.

TAU: How did the title “Jesus never wore a suit” come to be?

Radio B: Originally it was me scrolling my instagram, and I saw a meme that showed a guy in the typical tie and sweater ensemble with the blazer, and the girl who posted it was saying how she only respects a man that dresses like that, and my immediate response was…but Jesus never wore a Suit, and it really was to say that no style of dress, or tradition that’s come along over the years can determine a man’s validity or worth. How intelligent you are, or how ethical, or whether or not your intentions are pure. I said in my lecture at Virginia Union that many of the people we see dressed up traditionally are people we trust the least. Like Politicians, and lawyers and salesmen etc.

TAU: I heard of you because of Nickelus F, Micheal Millions and NameBrand, how close are you to the trio?

Radio B: Those are my brothers. Collectively we are AGM (Association Of Great Minds)…Michael Millions and i started out in a group together in High School. I met Nick around 2002 and we’ve been tight ever since. We’re all family. I’m the Godfather of all 5 of their children. We have Thanksgiving dinner together every year. We’re pretty close lol

TAU: People don’t understand how art works, Do you agree there is nothing new under the sun?

Radio B: I do agree, everything is birthed from or inspired by something that already exists. Art is an expression, and typically a reaction to your surroundings.

TAU: You have a line in Freedom to live about Kanye West, how do you feel about Kanye west new music?

Radio B: I think his new music is decent. It’s not the best Kanye material we’ve gotten. I think he puts alot less into his process and his care of the music then he used to. His passion for the process doesn’t appear to be the same. Alot of things have changed when it comes to Kanye.

TAU: How long did it take for you to make Jesus Never wore a suit?

Radio B: In totality a year. However i took breaks to do the Sunday’s Best EP prior, and I had a battle, but in all it took a year. The longest i’ve taken with a project. It paid off.

TAU: Your story with police was hella interesting because it is hella true and current.

Radio B: I think it’s a reality that many, if not most black males have experienced in one time or another, and the sad thing is that it’s just as current today as it was 30 or more years ago.

TAU: I like village proverbs.

Radio B: Thank you, I’m very proud of that record. It’s my top 2 or 3 records on there. I’m just happy with how that concept turned out. It’s very motivating.

TAU: You was going in for a minute with social media. Talking about topics and being opinionated where that spark come from?

Radio B: I’ve always sort of had those spells, it’s a matter of what medium i chose to express myself on. I’ve been using Twitter and FB more frequently, but i’m passionate about alot of things so sometimes i’m inspired to speak on them.

TAU: I recently realized you was on Michael millions album Hard To Be King.

Radio B: Yeah i love that verse and that song. I’m honored to be the last voice you hear on such a great project. We’ve had a hell of a year so far.

Their year has only just started when we did this interview. Ever since that day Virginia has been under a mircoscope for not only their talent but the city itself.

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