Due to my usually prowling i ran into a music video called “2006” by Poster Child featuring Shelly Knicks. Their verses were so hard that I had to interview one of them off the strength of one song. So I present to you first the interview with Shelly Knicks.

Poster Child’s interview will be soon.

TAU: State your Name and Where your From

Shelly Knicks: Shelly Knicks. Milwaukee, WI

TAU: How big is Texas?

SK: Texas is big as fuck.

TAU: Did you grow up there?

SK: I’ve lived in Texas since I was 13, so I’ve spent almost half of my life here.

TAU: What is the writing process like for your music?

SK: Sometimes I sit, smoke and write out a song. Other times I just go to the stu and punch in bar for bar or whatever. Sometimes it’s more fun that way.

TAU: How many songs do you have currently and where can you find it?

SK: I’d say I have about 20 songs on SoundCloud. I have my Buckets project and my Swim Camp project on there. But I have two singles (NXT 2 U and Windows 95) on all the streaming apps.

TAU: What was the theme or idea behind 2006 (above)? You and Poster Child snap on the song.

SK: Me and Posta were just both chillin at the stu with Ben Waid (the engineer and producer), and we just fed off of each other’s energy to come up with the idea. The whole 2006 thing I feel like was Posta’s idea, and kinda just accelerated it through the video with the throwbacks, A-town stomp, etc. I feel like we were just tryna say “We been cold since niggas was rockin tall tees and du rags with the fitted cap over it”

TAU: I’ve been listening to your mixtape, when did you release Swim Camp?

SK: I released Swim Camp In May of 2017.

TAU: What was the idea behind Swim Camp?

SK: I kinda tied the idea of learning how to move with this music shit to swimming. There’s things you gotta learn and remember, otherwise you’ll drown. I guess it’s a whole metaphor on life. You just gotta keep it pushin, keep swimming. It sounds kinda whack when I explain it like that but I mean it is what it is. Lol

TAU: (deep)

TAU: Embryo goes hard. Is that a joint venture with Savoca?

SK: Embryo is my shit. Me and Savoca go way back to like high school. I went to his house one day and he had that beat like halfway made. So we popped some addies and went to work. We made the rest of the beat and I wrote the song and that was that. Me and Savoca work well together. My creativity really blooms around him, he got some good energy man that’s my nigga. Embryo is my old shit though, I feel like it didn’t really get the shine it deserves man that’s I beautiful song.

From the one song I heard from Shelly Knicks and Poster Child they caught my attention. Great wordplay individual style and from the lyrics you can tell they want to grow within their music. Looking forward to more music and please look forward to the next interview.

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