Beyond all the issues with DJ AK, Vic Mensa has an album on the way titled The Autobiography and it is beyond expectations.

Vic Mensa, who is working with Roc Nation, released The Autobiography on July 28, 2017. Going into The Autobiography Vic has released many projects leading up to this, the most recent were The Manuscript and There’s Alot Going On. If you didn’t Listen to There’s Alot Going On you missed out.

Stand out songs for The Autobiography are “Say I Didn’t”, “Memories on 47 St.”, “Wings”, “Heaven on Earth” and “Homewrecker”

The first track on the album, “Say I Didn’t” maps out the setting of The Autobiography. Vic lays out everything on the table and stays true to who he is, that’s what got him here. Say I Didn’t has many different hands in the pot, Carter Lang, BOOTS, Smoko Ono, Papi Beatz and No I.D. are credited as producers.

“Memories on 47st” is similar to walking down the street and having someone give you a tour of their mind and the city at the same time. On the second verse, Vic Mensa gives age checkpoint of what happens in his life.

16, I was shinin’ just like a Stanley Kubrick scene
Sneakin’ into Lollapalooza, I fell off of that bridge
15,000 volts went through my elbow, fell over 30 feet

Overall “Memories on 47st” is an amazing song and should not be slept on.

“Homewrecker” has a feature from Weezer and if you don’t know who Weezer is do your research. I was surprised when I saw that Weezer was featured on “Homewrecker” but in the middle of the song, you can hear Weezer.

The Autobiography allows Vic Mensa to do a powerful job of telling his story. On first listen, I was captivated by the first track. The Autobiography gets a 4 out of 5 TAU symbols from me. I want to give it a 4.5 but I feel like it lacks replay value but it is put together extremely well.

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