Overdue here is the review of Vince Staples, The Big Fish Theory.

Vince Staples, well known Gangsta Crip, released his album The Big Fish Theory and it is different than any other rap album you heard so far. Stand out songs are “Rain Come Down”, “Crabs In A Bucket”, “Big Fish” and “745”.

“Crabs In A Bucket” sound like it was produced by the Gorillaz and is the opener for The Big Fish Theory. “Crabs In A Bucket” is an energetic look at Vince Staples surroundings. Dabbles in black issues like being used and dealing with Celebrity status.

Escaping his original pond “Big Fish” lets Vince Staples look at his neighborhood and see where he grew from.

I was up late night balling
So far from my past misfortune
No sleepin’, late nights no eatin’
Gun squeezing, I’m a real Artesian
Ramona, I was round that corner
Still down, I’m a Norf Norf soldier

Vince paints a picture of his environment and tells it how it is. The second verse shows more appreciation for where he is currently and how he is glad he didn’t lose his life before reaching his success.

“745” gets its title from the BMW. In “745” Vince talks about desires and women on the first verse, while the second verse could possilby be directed towards one woman. Beat for “745” is pretty smooth and enjoyable, prefect for riding through the city.

Overall I give Big Fish Theory a 3.5 out of 5 TAU symbols. Album needs to be lived in to understand the whole album more. Vince Staples definatly puts his current lifesstyle on this album and leaves it to the viewer to discern what it means. I am sure that if I give Big Fish Theory more time it would be one of the best albums this year.

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