The album of life is now out and has been for about three weeks. Even though tidal has exclusive rights and you only can hear it from there, it is out and available for those that want to hear it.

The idea behind the album is this is about Peter the Baptist relative of Jesus. That is who inspired the album anyway. We all know the album went through several title changes, best title was waves, but this is what was settled on. Album cover is also a stand out, the title is everywhere with and at some points over lapping. On the bottom left corner is a wedding picture with the family. I am going to guess it is Kanye’s mother and father. Now let’s dive into the tracks.

Stand out songs are Father stretch my hands Part 1 and 2, Freestyle 4, FML and 30 hours. And this is with trying to keep the tracks to only five. Father stretch my hands is produced by Young Metro and features an underground artist by the name of Desiigner. He does the vocals that you can hear looped once or twice in the back. Desiigner is the newest artist signed to G.O.O.D music under Pusha T’s reign. On Part 2 of Father stretch my hands, Kanye speaking about his father which he rarely does in song. In the verse he talks about the possible reason why his parents divorced. On 30 hours, it seems like he shares some light on Sumeke Rainey and a possible conversation they may have had in the past or it can be another flame of Kanye West’s life. Actually is eye-openning on how expressive he is, opens up with out sapping or corny. On the vocals is Andre 3k, Kanye gives him a shout out as well. FML features the Weeknd on the hook and Kanye reaching out to his demons. His struggles of just being up and how people would love to Fuck his Life up.

Overall, this album gets a 4.5 out of 5. Kanye and the world hyped this up to be the album of life and I feel like it has fell short. This piece of art is great though. The album is everywhere though construted wise, and I feel like it is hard to grasp or for me to focus on it at times. Go ahead and head to tidal and listen or just continue being patient and wait for it to his retail.

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