I haven’t heard from Kings Of Leon in years but i am glad they are still putting out music. So out of respect I had to listen. Their newest album, Walls, will be there seventh studio album. Attention to detail they used the roman numeral seven to also show that.

Stand out songs “Find Me”, “Conversation Piece”, “Eyes On You” and “Wild”. The album from beginning to end sounds like a vibing studio album. This is a great album to play in the background during a great conversation. Or a good night drive looking towards the stars. Walls is very mellow, doesn’t get to hype and doesn’t put you in a state of depression. I had a better listen to this than to their 2008 album, Only by The Night.

Overall this album is 3 TAU symbols out of 5. Very good album and is good to play in the background. More than happy with how Kings Of Leon made this, I am looking forward to what is next from this rock band. Please leave your comments on what you thought about Walls.

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