With Jay-Z dropping an album exclusively with Tidal (hopefully not for long) many are in suspense of what to expect and does 4:44 stand for. Not going to act like I know but I will speculate.

Jay: Z has spoken on many topics (notice the change of hyphen) in his career. From girls to cars to art, wide range of topics. But Jay: Z rarely talks about his father in a certain capacity. Sure he talked about his father on The Dynasty album with Beanie Sigel, the name of the song was “Where Have You Been”.

Beanie Sigel taking lead and Jay-Z sharply following behind show a dark and lonely time in their life missing their father.

In this snippet of Jay: Z’s new song Adnis, he touches on the same topic as “Where Have You Been”, the major difference now is that he is a father now and can see life in a different angle.

Adnis, which is close to the name Adonis, is a Greek god with an outline of a Phoenix-like story. This could be, at least this song, a rebirth for Jay: Z for this album. Jay: Z being a parent now and having a massive and strong empire can change the way a man sees not only himself what the world around him. This is what I think 4:44 will be about.

Ultimate growth from Jay: Z is what we as an audience desire. I don’t think he will retire anytime soon to be honest, so a man that started out as a drug dealer or a hustler to reach a level where multi-million dollar deals are normal, living peacefully off the fruit of his labor. Jay: Z has grown into a mogul as they say and 4:44 will be the album that displays that. Also expect an artful said of Jay:Z we may not be used to.

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